Security Policy

Information Security Policy

The Management of TECHMOB S.A. (NODUS), through the Information Security Committee (CSI), establishes, promotes and disseminates at all levels of the organization the following Policy and objectives for the management of information security.

The information generated and managed by TECHMOB S.A. (NODUS) is a key strategic asset to ensure business continuity. In this context, the Information Security Policy is aimed at protecting: information in its entire life cycle (creation, dissemination, modification, storage, preservation and disposal), the means that allow this cycle and the people who access and/or manipulate the information. This is done in order to guarantee its integrity, availability and confidentiality.

Management's Statement of Intent

TECHMOB S.A. (NODUS) will protect the information resources and the technology used for their processing from internal or external, deliberate or accidental threats; in order to ensure compliance with the integrity, availability and confidentiality of information. In addition to being able to guarantee the continuity of information systems, minimize risks of damage and ensure the efficient fulfillment of its strategic objectives.

A formal risk management process will be established that includes the identification, assessment and treatment of risks related to information security. This will ensure informed decision-making and the implementation of appropriate security controls in accordance with the organization's goals and context.

Information Security Principles

  • Promote an organizational culture oriented towards information security.
  • Engage the highest authorities of TECHMOB S.A. (NODUS) in the dissemination, consolidation and compliance of the policy.
  • Implement the committed security measures, identifying the resources and budget items available.
  • Maintain up-to-date policies, regulations and procedures in order to ensure their validity and level of effectiveness.
  • Promote practices that ensure the continuity of the functions of TECHMOB S.A. (NODUS).
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements, the organization's own requirements and continuous improvement.

Objectives of Information Security Management

General Objectives

Achieve adequate levels of integrity, confidentiality and availability for all relevant information, in order to ensure operational continuity of the processes and services developed by TECHMOB S.A. (NODUS) through the protection of information assets associated with critical business processes and their support.