What you need to know


of people celebrate this holiday in Latin America. In countries like Mexico, this percentage rises to 86%.1

$39 US dollars

per person is the average expendature for those who celebrate this holiday in the region.2


increase from 2019 to 2020 in online sales in Brazil related to this holiday; this growth consolidated in 2021.3

Valentine’s Day celebration is more popular among couples under


of people in LATAM are planning to celebrate with a romantic dinner (either at home or in a restaurant), above the world average of 35%.5

How to stand out among all the offers on the market this Valentine’s Day

Take a look at the 4 marketing keys for Valentine's Day 2023

Offer experiences

One of the greatest challenges for consumers to celebrate this holiday is their perception of it. They believe it is a merely commercial occasion. In fact, 47% of people who did not celebrate it in 2022 mentioned this as the main reason.4

To change this, a good practice may be focusing on experiential marketing, which has proven to be very effective. Actually, 65% of CX experts in Latin America report profit growth more frequently thanks to the implementation of Customer Experience strategies.5

Experiential marketing aims to emotionally connect with the audience's feelings, that go beyond the specific use of a product or service to focus on the place that they occupy in consumers’ lives. Thus, a meal preparation kit, for example, is not only worth for how it tastes, but for the meeting it enables.

This way, holidays like Valentine’s Day are ideal to associate your brand with positive experiences and memorable moments. The key is to focus your marketing actions on the experience and not on the sales opportunity.

Besides discounts, you could offer an activity to enjoy in a specific location or a kit for couples to use your product at home.

If you have a clothing business, you can come up with a hashtag that couples can use in their social media to show their matching outfits from your brand.

Build alliances with food and beverage companies

Food is a very important part of Valentine’s Day celebrations. Therefore, if, on top of offering a product, your brand also relates it to food, you'll have a better chance of creating brand awareness. In LATAM, a romantic dinner is 7% more popular than in the global average.4

Recommending your products along with meals may be an option. Or you can partner with a food or beverage company to sell romantic dinner kits to prepare at home to which you can add one of your products as a gift.

Another experience chosen by 1 in 5 people is a romantic getaway. Finding a way to make your brand part of a short break destination is also a way to diversify your marketing efforts.

Dinner at a restaurant or ordering in?

A study on Valentine’s Day carried out by Ipsos in 20224 highlighted that couples’ favorite plan is a romantic dinner. The report shows that 45% of women would rather order in, versus 36% who prefer to go to a restaurant. In the case of men, gastronomy prevails as the main activity, but they like both options equally.

On top of that, more than 40% of men and women in LATAM would like to receive food as a gift delivered to their home during this holiday.7

Delivery companies or restaurants and stores that deliver food can take advantage of this holiday to strengthen their marketing campaigns.

Leverage social media

2 out of 10 people plan to text or post Valentine’s Day messages on social media.4 Being in the right place at the right time can help your brand build a positive relationship with this celebration.

For example, last year, an advertisement for a well-known South American bank used humor and benefits to attract more customers and create awareness. The initiative, called “Excuotas,” stated that the bank would pay for pending installments of a gift bought by a customer for their former partner.

The winners were chosen through a contest on social media. Participants had to tell their story of pending installments in the bank’s latest Instagram post to later be put to a vote. Then, a jury chose 3 lucky ones from the comments who received the most votes.6

In addition to advertising on social media with Valentine’s Day-related messages, you can post content that people can share or forward to their partners. For example, humor is usually a great way to encourage interactions.

Creating spaces where people can participate by telling their personal stories is also a way to humanize your brand and get closer to your customers.

In summary

Even though there are as many ways to celebrate as there are couples, Valentine’s Day is a business opportunity that goes beyond sales and discounts. It is an event to use creativity and find other ways to get closer to customers through different and innovative experiences. Take advantage of this holiday to test new strategies and find out your audience’s top interests.

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