About Us

We are a Technology company focused on R&D and Consultancy Services. Performance oriented, we provide solutions in Digital Strategies and Technology.

We provide solutions in Digital Strategies, Performance and Technology

Everything we do to execute our Strategy and deliver our vision comes to life through our team of experts

Digital Analytics Experts

UX/UI Strategists & Designers

Web Performance Optimization Experts

Business Analists

Full Stack Developers

Marketing Specialists

Focus on the User

Devoted to improve your Business Performance, with happier customers and better returns.

Focus on the user.

Everything else will follow.

Deliver Value.

Focus on the insights, actions and outcomes that improve customers lives.

Stay Engaged.

Over time, across devices from Self-Service through Live Assistance.

Make it Simple.

Make things easier for your user.

Be curious.

Stay interested in the new trends.

Be Determined.

Performance needs focus and determination.

Leading companies are Web-Performance oriented cause they know how user experience affects their overall business results. At Nodus we deliver high performance solutions for your company and your end users.


Francisco Siutti - CEO @NodusCompany